Acoustic Signature Invictus Junior


Price is excluding tonearm

Like father and son. His father, INVICTUS, gained cult status immediately after its release. Rated as the best turntable in the world, it is still an extraordinary experience.

Since the INVICTUS is a really big turntable, our goal was to develop a turntable with the tonal performance close to the INVICTUS, but with a much smaller footprint. Thanks to the use of state-of-the-art computer programs, we therefore have the INVICTUS jr. developed.

Thanks to its design, which allows the recording of up to four tonearms, the INVICTUS jr. maximum flexibility. The standard version of INVICTUS jr. consists of an elaborately milled lower part, optimized according to the latest mechanics and the use of the finite element method for stiffness and low vibration.

Picture shown is the Invictus Junior Asian Edition.

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